Essential Words for the TOEIC, 5/e


Essential Words for the TOEIC, 5/e
with MP3 CD/1片

AuthorDr. Lin Lougheed
Publisher:Barron’s Education Series (2014)

PriceNT$ 900

Key Features

  • 50 vocabulary-building lessons focus on American English as it is used in business, industry, communications, and cultural activities
  • Each lesson presents 12 target words with definitions, followed by practice exercises designed to reinforce understanding in several contexts
  • All practice questions mirror the listening comprehension and reading formats of the actual TOEIC
  • Complete audio for all Listening Comprehension activities

About the Book

  • 50 lessons introduce you to American English words commonly used in subjects that include contracts, marketing, banking, cultural activities, and more
  • Extensive vocabulary practice in both listening and reading comprehension
  • All activities are formatted to mirror the question types found on the TOEIC
  • Self-study ideas designed to help you develop your English language skills

About the Audio

  • Conversations and talks feature North American, British, and Australian accents, just like on the actual TOEIC
  • Audio prompts for all of the listening comprehension exercises in MP3 format, and it for easy accessibility from your smartphone and tablet
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